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Care Elders an Integrated Old-Age care initiative of the Society.

In the present scenario the population of old people is increasing in the country. This people have many problems like Health problems,Legal problems, Social problems etc. This initiative is to stand by them for their support and care.

Through this initiative the society will invite members for CARE ELDERS. Only the senior citizens are eligible for Care Elders members.

The field Support Staffs, recruited by the society for Care Elders will keep regular communication with the members. The main objective of this practice is to aware about the needs of the members.

Required steps will be taken by the society to support the member.

Health is a major problem of the old age. The members will get some advantages in some field of treatment on showing their card.

The society will arrange for regular meeting with their members to so that the members can share their views and problems with other members and a remedy of the problem may come out from this.


Since 2015 the society is running the free clinic with the assistance of Bishnu Kanta Sarda Charitable Truust, Baluchar, Malda. 
Dr. Gautam Kumar Banik is tendering free services in this clinic and Bishnu Kanta Sarda Charitable Trust is providing free homeopathic medicines to the patients.
About 35 patients are getting this service in every Sunday from this clinic.


Low Cost Physiotherapy Center is run by the society. Mr. Bhaskar Chattarjee is providing physiotherapy treatment to the poor patient from this clinic.
Modern equipment are installed hare to serve the people.


It is a new activity of Noboday. We are starting an Old Age Home in the town area of English Bazar in Non-Profit Basis. Eight to Ten inmates (male) will be accommodated in the home. The inmates should be above 60 years of age, preferably government retired person. Person with chronic or deadly disease will not be allowed in the home. Special preference will be given to the person out side of the district Malda.
The Home is under CCTV Surveillance with 24 hours electricity and water facility.  
The Society will provide 24 hours attendant, Weekly Medical Check-up, Yoga, Meditation, Indoor Games, News Papers, Magazines, Evening Walking, involving in social activities.
We shall provide video chat with the inmate and his relatives in every week (depending on internet condition).
Inmates with illness will be shifted to Malda Medical College & Hospital for better treatment and will be informed to his near relative for his further care.
The diet of the inmates will be as per recommendation of the Medical Expats. The Society will provide normal day to day disease medicine (under the supervision of home physiosion). Other medicines and expat treatments specially required for the inmate will born by the inmate himself.  
Other events related Care and Protection of the inmates will be discussed time to time as per need.

CHARGES : As security deposit of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two lakhs) to be deposited at the time of the admission of the inmate.
i. Initial special treatment cost (hospital/ nursing home/ medical tests, doctor's visit etc.), if required, will be adjusted from the security deposit and this amount will be reimbursed with in seven days by the family members of the inmate. 10% interest per month will be charged of spent amount if it is not reimbursed in time. 
ii. 95% of the security deposit will be returned (after one month) to the nominated person if the inmate dies with in one year of staying.
iii. 85% of the security deposit will be returned (after one month) to the nominated person if the inmate leaves the home after one year of staying. 
iv. 70% of the security deposit will be returned (after one month) to the nominated person if the inmate leaves the home with in one year of staying.
v. 50% of the security deposit will be returned (after one month from his leaving) to the inmate if we ask him to leave the home due to his harmful activities related to the rules, regulation and discipline of the Home and Society.  
vi. 5% of the initial deposit amount will be adjusted every year as a maintenance charge of the home. The rest amount will be treated as security deposit.

MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION : Monthly contribution Rs. 15,000/- (Ten Thousand) to be paid in advance with in 25th of previous month.

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