Working with Old Age Care & Protection

Care Elders is the dedicate win for the care and protection of the old people. Medical Assistance, Legal Assistance and other assistances are provided to the distressed Old Age People.

Working with Child Care & Protection

The Society is a partner NGO of the District Child Protection Unit, Malda. Some members of the Society are working as Para Legal Volunteers of the District Legal Services Authority, Malda to take care and protection of the children.

Working with Legal Rights & Services of the people

Some members of the Society are working as Para Legal Volunteers of the District Legal Services Authority, Malda. They with the help of the DLSA tender Legal Assistance to the people in need.

Working with Women Empowerment.

The Society provides Legal Assistance, Awareness Programme, Vocational Training to the women of the rural area for their empowerment.

Working with Health & Hygiene

The Society runs Swaswata Clinic & Swaswata Physiotherapy Centre to tender medical supports to the people.

Working with Cultivation of Medicinal Plant

The Society promotes the cultivation of Medicinal Plants among the farmers under the guidance of the State Medicinal Plant Board.

Working with Vocational Training

The Society runs a Vocational Training Centre for the skill development among the youth for their livelihood.

Details of our working are available in our Annual Reports available in the website

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